Vicki-Plus: Ezekiel Lyons... Lyons: I-I saw something like you once--with Mindmistress. Vicki-Plus: You'd hoped to use time-varying technology to make billions. Lyons: Innovation. Free enterprise. It's how civlization advances-- Vicki-Plus: Competition. Natural selection.Vicki-plus: Natural selection's another form of competition. You've established twenty centers to work on this. Suppose Iris of Highspeed had the flu when they--accelerated.  Suppose this superfast flu--spreads.

Vicki-Plus: In one day--a flu would multiply like it wouid in sicity days--unimpeded. The body's defenses couldn't keep up. No medicines would react quickly enough. Colds--flus'd kill millions.Vicki-Plus: The flu strains would mutate sixty times faster-- no treatment would be effective for long. Are your centers germ-proof?  Lyons: N-No.  We didn't realize... Vicki-Plus: I track chronal distortion. ...Taken measure.



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