Lyons: Twenty centers. Two hundred people. You can't silence them all-- Vicki-Plus: One familiar ally can make them--forget. Mindmistress: Again. You've been working on--? Scientist: laced with...Viagra? Mindmistress: That'll do.Mindmistress: Well, guys--hate to brainwash and run--but that's ten centers down--ten more to go. Lyons (Caption): Wouldn't the UV light sterlize--? Vicki-plus: Crops. Hospitals. One virus escaping--unleashing a plague.

Lyons (Caption): But the data-- Vicki-Plus (Caption):Lyons: So...that's it? Deluded? Kept ignorant? No hpe? No groundbreaking developments?  Vicki-Plus: These 'developments' you stole. While Forethought was helpless. It's not like you or your scientists developed it yourselves.



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