Messenger: So...still sending me to prison if I don't play ball? Lyons: No. It wouldn't do any good..I'd have to explain too much. Keeping the...foorgear? Messenger: No. Lyons: Why on earth not?Messenger (Capt.): I've kept track. I've spent two days, total, 'accelerated' which I experienced four months. If I'm not careful--I'll be an old man before I know it. Pass.

Lyons: You? Here to gloat, are you? Mindmistress: No. Lyons: Why not? You win again. You get to add this...time-varying to the secrets you're hoarding. Mindmistress: No, I don't.Lyons: What? You don't...? Mindmistress: This was developed by Forethought and the Upgrade, not me. Forethought thinks, given the dangerous situations I'm often in, it'd be too tempting..I'd become old..quickly.



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