Vicki-Plus/Hope: Also...time-varying's dangerous on a large scale. Time rushes like a river. Too much time-varying could cause eddies--underbows--even whirlpools--in time. People aging overnight, perhaps.Hope: However--one pair of shoes'd be safe. Keep them--for emergencies. Messenger: What? No!! I'm awful at resisting temptation. Hope: You're great at self-preservation, though. You'll use it--sparingly. Mindmistress: And you?

Hope: I'm the greater danger. With my time-sight, the more interaction with me--the less free will you have.  Humanity'd wither under--certainty. Kindest thing I can do--is go.Hope: I'll return to the backpack. Watch humanity-- grow. Reach. strive. Help...unseen. Mindmistress: You're both Vicki and Dora. Yet you never named yourself. Hope: My name's my gift.  Hope. Later...'Boss'.



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