Beautiful dawn. A new day to make a new start...somehow...somewhere. We need to go before they get back. If you still want to travel with me...ready?Forethought: Say your goodbyes. I travel in paths even your 'boss' can't find. Besides...technically you're waht? Two...three weeks old? There's a lot of world out there to taste. Coming?

Dora: Yeah. Look at him. Body sleeping while he's in cyberspace. I have to get away...become something more than Vicki-in-flesh. Anything else's unfair to him or me...G-goodbye...Dora: This coat..? Risi's? Messenger's cousin? Forethought: Yes. You'll go clothes shopping. You're my 'executive assistant.
 Dora: No...funny stuff. Forethought: Big-brotherly, not lecherly. This backpack has your 'sister' Hope's module. Let's go.



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