Lyons: Call office. Glen: Hello, sir? Lyons: I need Harold Messenger's termination papers. Glen: Benefits package, sir? Lyons: Yes, Glen. I don't like it--but I might need him some day.Glen: A shame about Messenger. Lyons: Hah! You just thought it a shame he was straight! Glen: Too true. By the way--did you give those twenty ultra-secret research centers a deadline?

Lyons: Why? Glen: Because every one of them reported astounding breakthroughs this morning. Twenty different projects. Some're questionable--viagra-laced beer? But also--environmentally friendly genetically engineered jet biofuel? Molecular nanomotors? Spray-on solar panels?Glen: I know you kept this secret, sir...but once these're indepently verified--put into production--which could take years--maybe a decade--you'll literally make billions. Lyons: Billions?  Off her...substitutes? Glen: Sir?



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