Vicki: Rusty--get up. You're still in Messenger's apartment--he'll probably be here in a few minutes. Rusty: Oh. Wow. How long were we...virtual? Vicki: An hour or two. Rusty: Seemed like weeks.Vicki: You can think much faster in virtual mode. Did it? Rusty: It was...strange. Very different. Vicki: Too strange? Would you do it again? Rusty: I think so...Hey, where's Dora?

Vicki: She...left. So we can no longer touch or...anything..even vy proxy. Rusty: Why'd she leave? She felt used--and she was right. I'll go now... Rusty: What? No, wait!Rusty: It's you I was's only you I wanted to hold. Don't you see? It's always been you. It always will be. Vicki:'ve needs... Rusty: I need you. Forever.



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