Lorelei: Hey, Daddy! Lyons: Lorelei, I invited you to lunch to explain a few things.  Sorry Messenger had that detective shadow you.  We were just afraid for your safety.  Lorelei: Me? Why?Lyons: When we found that backpack with your name--we wondered what Forethought had planned. I was afraid you might be kidnapped... Lorelei: Me? Lyons: Yes, Lorelei. Then Drake House found this letter--

It reads: 'Dear Lorelei: your mother was my friend.  If a backpack addresed to you arrives, please hold it until I reclaim it. Elijah Burns. Lorelei: This came where I used t'live?Lyons: Somehow it got misplaced. L.A. was very apologetic--doesn't know how it happened. Lorlei: A house of 'special' peole like me can get crazzzzy. Lyons: Suppoe so. They cound it yesterday...



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