Mindmistress: Okay, Rusty---if you're going to spend time as Vicki's virtual companion-- Rusty: Mindmistress? What are you--? Mindmistress: You're now hypnotically blocked from speaking or writing about any of my secrets....Which you'd eventually discover anyway. Rusty: So are you and L--L-- Mindmistress: The same? Yes. In the sense that you are the same person seven-year-old Rusty Minton was.

Rusty: I-I started to talk--and my tongue just--froze. I couldn't-- Mindmistress: The same thing'd happen if you tried to write it. We trust you, Rusty. You've often helped us.Mindmistress: Anyone else would've lost the slice of memory where you met the unmasked me--and Lorelei. This way, you can't even accidentally spill my secrets. Rusty: What's next? Mindmistress: ...we'll see.



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