Mindmistress (Caption): We'll see what time brings us.  Hope: Distinguished guests from the Plurality of Intelligences--on behalf of the timeless Upgrade, I welcome you--to a time I foresaw, seven billion years ago, when I was first created.  Welcome--to the end of the world.

Hope:In seven minutes, the sun--the star Sol, now swollen to a red giant--will envelop and incinerate the remains of Earth. Sad. But like a cradle--we've long outgrown it.Hope: Now, the 5.1 trillion of virtual humanity--the few million biological humans left--and the 2 million Singuliarity-level artificial intelligences of Terran origin--are everywhere in the Plurality.

Hope: Now let me introduce you to the eldest artificial intelligence--my 'sister' Vicki--and her consort, the oldest virtual human, the elder Rusty Minton. Vicki: About time, Hope! Thanks, Hope. Distinguished Plurality guests----I'm extremely lucky to witness this. I preceded humans downloading their personalities digitally by half a century. Thanks to two intelligence-enhanced biological humans--Vicki, Hope, and I--led the way.

Rusty: My body died--but the essential me lived--guiding virtual humanity's growing ranks--with Vicki's advice, of course. Virtual humanity became a bridge--between singularity-level A.I.'s and biological humanity.

Rusty: Now--Terran-derived sentients--Virtual humans, artificial intelligences--have outlived the Earth itself.  Worlds die. Stars become swollen and red. --But Love endures. Let that be Earth's...epitaph.



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