Dora: Thanks, Cabbie. Well. Lorelei's apartment. I feel...relieved. Excited. Frustrated.  All at the same time. Sometimes I wish all I knew about't from the Internet.Mindmistress: So that's what Harold Messenger does for my father?  Hi, Dora. Nice date? Vicki: Tell me everything. Dora: Before or after the orgy? Vicki: Both. Dora: Kidding. Those Internet sexual fantasies? Very misleading.

Mindmistress: Rusty's father shared with mine files on Forethought.  Files lately hacked--cracked--deleted. Vicki: Andrew Minton: Rusty's Dad--NSA head spook--deceased. Mindmistress: Harold's tracking down who did this. Dora: Rusty's father?Mindmistress: Ulysses Shore, who succeeded Minton as local NSA chief, denied doing it...and it seems too clumsy for Forethought himself to do it. Dora: Where's Forethought now? Vicki: Could be...anywhere.



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