Vicki: Boss?  When'd you last hear from Forethought?  Mindmistress: Seven months ago. Wanted a copy of the time focus/cane I gave to ash Drake. No idea how he found out. Forethought: Hhhhhhhhheeee,,,Vicki: Nothing since then?  Mindmistress: No; but he's the smartest person on Earth; as much my intellectual superior--as my mother was over Lorelei. Compared to him--I'm slow. Forethought: ...Eelllllllllppppppppppp

Forethought: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... Mindmistress: Forethought--Dr. Elijah Burns--was my mother's assistant project manager--a scientist before his mind became neohuman like mine. Vicki: So you're sure he's fine? Mindmistress: I'm sure if he's not--Mindmistress: Then nobody's safe. We'd be condemned--trapped--helpless--against anyone who could capture Forethought.  Forethought: ...Eeeeeeeeeee



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