Rusty: Oh, hi! Sorry, it's still early, I was just cleaning up...what'll you have? Messenger: Scotch, neat.  Also a word with you--if you're Rusty Minton. Rusty: That's me. And you're--?Messenger: I'm Harold Messenger.  I work with Ezekiel Lyons, an associate of your father's. Rusty: Sure! I remember Lyons with Dad.  Messenger: He's inviting you to his home tomorrow. Rusty: Socially? Messenger: Well...semi-socially.

Rusty: I wasn't involved with my father
s intelligence work at all, you know. Messenger: Whoa! Something's come up that you might shed some light on, that's all. Rusty: Can I bring a date? Absolutely.Vicki: Rusty's texting me...Messenger invited him to your father's tomorrow, boss?  Rusty wants his date?  Dora: ME? Should I, boss? Mindmistress: Why not? Find out what Messenger's up to.



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