Messenger: Lorelei? We have to talk.  Lorelei: Mr. Messenger?  What're you doin' here? Hope you're not 'lergic t'dog hair.  We do lots o'dog grooming here. So what's up?Messenger: Lorelei--six months ago--my sousin foundsomething addressed to you. Lorelei: To me?  What was it? Messenger: We're still trying to find out--but I think it killed my cousin.

Messenger: You ever seen this backpack before? Lorelei: Nope. That's a backpack?  Looks like somethin' Buzz Lightyear'd wear. Messenger: You're sure? Lorelei: Sure as sunrise. Messenger: Fine. I'll pick you up at seven, then.Lorelei: What?? Messenger: Your father's. Dinner. Tonight. Afterwards... Lorelei: But-- Messenger: I'm studying notebooks my cousin left. Invited people over--who might help. Lorelei: But-- Messenger: You busy tonight? Lorelei: N-no. Messenger: Fine. See you at seven.



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