Voice: So? What's it like? Highspeed: Like jogging through a red-lit wax museum.  Everything's moving so slow... Voice: A minute for you is a second for them...your hour is their minute.Highspeed: Why is everything so red?  The same reason that girl saw you glowing blue-violet. Sixtyfold acceleration shifts your body-heat to ultra-violet radiation.  Ordinary light to you--is red=shifted.

Highspeed: That woman at Lorelei's surprised me--paused too long--I'm an idiot. Voice: Careful speaking or singing--you just shattered that streetlamp iwth a word--sixty times higher than normal. Whisper.Voice: Careful! Any impact, despite your protective gear, would be fatal.  Anything you hit at six hundred m.p.h.?  Exactly like something hitting you--at half the speed of a bullet.



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