Highspeed: Two hours running home... Voice: Two minutes for everyone else. Highspeed: Whatever. Still miles to run, fast or slow. Almost back. Voice: As soon as you enter, your shoes'll decelerate you.Highspeed: Good. You were right. The shoes turned off. Voice: We kept your cousin in an accelerated state for thirty of her years...six months to others.  Yet it was futile.

Voice: We're still imprisoned. Highspeed/Messenger: I won't set any of you free. Voice: Oh, we believe you, Harold Messenger. Still...we have plans for you...and our intended recipient...Lorelei Lyons. Messenger: Swell.Voice: Shower. Change of clothes. Off in a vehicle that'll move in one tenth his former speed--to pick up Lorelei Lyons. Voice2: He thinks he's so clever. Voice: A useful..delusion.



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