Messenger: So...your father really said that to Donald Trump? To his face?? Lorelei: Uh-huh. Then he said, 'if I owned half'a New York, Donald, I'd buy a better hairpiece.Rusty: Wow. Look at that pile. Dora: Amazing what a few million will buy.  Rusty: Nervous? Dora: My first party? My first social gathering?  Bigtime. My father liked Lyons--greedy, unscrupulous, but likable.

Mr. Minton? So glad to see you here.  Your date is lovely.  My wife'll be down in a few minutes.  Then dinner'll be served.  Until then, may I introduce--Lyons: --My daughter Lorelei--and my associate, ?Harold Messenger, both of whom just arrived.  Lorelei, this is Rusty Minton--and his date, Dora Vickers. Messneger: You? Dora: Have we met? Rusty: You!! Lorelei: Uh...hi?



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