Lorelei: I work inna pet store... Rusty: Pet...store? You work in a...pet store? Lorelei: Somethin' wrong with that? Rusty: Nope, it's me. I'm obvously going crazy. Look...have we ever met?Lorelei: Prob'ly.  My mem'ry's lousy.  You work at the 'Brown Penny', right? Rusty: Then it was you! You're... Rusty: Phil said what a nice guy Rusty Minton at the 'Brown Penny' was.

Rusty: Phil? Lorelei: Your janitor? 'Special'...like me? Rusty: Oh. Oh! You're the girl keeps drawing...the one he confused with...wow.  Different hair color...eye color...voice...but..no wonder!Messenger: I'd be annoyed if my date ignored me for someone else. You seem...relieved. Dora: Just glad they're getting along. Messenger: Ever met Lorelei before? Dora: Uh...no. Messenger: Very interesting. You're sure?



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