Messenger: So what do you do, Miss Vickers? Dora: Oh, work with computers--networks--connectivity. Messenger: Really. That might come in handy, tonight. Beauty and brains. Have you and Minton dated long?Dora: We've known each other for months--online. In the flesh?  One week. Messenger: Niiice. Is it serious? Dora: Very. Messenger: Too bad. You're lovely. Dora: Fast worker, aren't you? Messenger:'ve no idea.

Messenger: But you know best. I'm sure a hot girl like you has had dozens of boyfriends-- Dora: I-I--not really. Messenger: --Has had plenty of choices-- Dora: I-I...haven't dated...much. Messenger: Oh?Rusty: Sorry about the confusion--you just resemble someone else so much--I need to get back to my girlfriend. Lorelei: You better. Nobody lkes bein' ignored--taken for granted.



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