Messenger: ...That's what little we know of Dr. Elijah Burns, sometimes known as Forethought. After his supposed death, the NSA--working with Lyons Industries--catalogued what little we left behind.Messenger: My cousin, Iris Messenger, worked for NSA under your father, Rusty--later joining Lyons Industries when NSA closed the casefile. Her prize exhibit? A 'backpack' from his pheonix lair.

Messenger (Caption): Remember I said Forethught's 'supposed' death? One night, high speed surveillance cameras captured a blue-glowing familiar face--searching with incredible speed--only crossing Iris' line of sight--in mid-blink.Minutes later--Forethought seemed to appear out of nowhere. Initially Iris thought he was dead--taking five minutes to draw a breath--only one heartbeat a minute.  Slowed--sixtyfold.



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