Mrs. Lyons: Wow. I know the strawberry cheesecake's good..but three slices? Our cook'll be pleased. Dora: Shorry. Sho good...never ate it before... Mrs. Lyons: Never? Were your parents health fanatics or something?Dora: I...never knew my parents. Mrs. Lyons: So sorry...any other family? Dora: A...twin sister. In fact...that's her now. Mrs. Lyons: Since Zeke, Rusty, and Lorelei're closeted with Messenger, we'll talk later.

Vicki: Hey, myself! Dora: 'Sup? Vicki: You can't plausibly get into that meeting--without Lyons or Messenger asking a lot of questions-- but Messenger's laptop has a built-in webcam I can tap.Vicki: So you can watch-- Dora: Vicki, I-I've got a question. Vicki: Shoot. Dora: Am I just your echo? A...vehicle so you can experience humanity? Or am I...myself? REal? Vicki: Uh...both?



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