Messenger: My cousin, as a former NSA agent--had a lot of options. She talked her NSA spook buddies into sending a'private' ambulance--loading the barely-moving Forethought in it.Messenger: --And took Forethought to this abandoned institution--which I haven't identified--yet. She took this picture-- Rusty: That's the Shelley asylum--long abandoned. My father inherited the property. Messenger: Great! Thanks, Rusty.

Messenger: That makes sense--since this picture shows them putting Forethought in a straight jacket. This must have been used as an NSA 'safe' house for special prisoners. Lisa wrote--Messenger: --That Forethought changed form ultra-fast to ultra-slow--when he touched that futuristic backpack. He was attaching a tag that read: 'For Lorelei Lyons.' Lorelei: Me?? But--why? MessengeR: I was hoping--you'd tell me.



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