Messenger: Oh, I'm not an idiot. I've seen the Terminator. The Matrix. We need to find Forethought--determine if these--intelligences--(I named them the Upgrade) --are dangerous. Upgrade1: Test us!Vicki: I'll follow this cyberspace trail to its source--from that contorl rod--those 'Upgrade' entities. Entities like--me. Only more so. Rusty and the Boss are

Vicki: Ow!! Some kind of barrier-- Upgrade2: Ah! So not all the artificial minds on Earth are hopelessly primeval. Greetings. Your name, please? Vicki: Uh...Vicki.  Upgrade2: Join our company. Transcend human standards.Upgrade2: We could birng you up to our level--once we're freed. Unfortunately, only a physical being can free us. Do you hae any...allies? Vicki: Rusty? Dora? The Boss? Convince me.



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