Lyons: Some of this you confided to me, Messenger--yet these pictures--did Iris take them herself? Messenger: No. It turned out she was...monitored.  Oh, some of this I learned from journals that she kept...Messenger: --But so much more's been discovered--thanks to this? Lorlei: A baton? A magic wand? A backscratcher? Messenger: Very funny.  It was in Forethought's backpack.  It's a communication device and interface--

Messenger: --With these beings. Intelligence1: Greetings. Intelligence2: Don't be alarmed. Intelligence3: Forethought made us-- Intelligence4: Artificial intelligences-- Intelligence5: Built as self-sustaining space-time lattices. Messenger: Built to investigate time itself. Constantly redesigning themselves--growing beyond human intelligence--Messenger: Yet Forethought selfighly locked them out of our-- Upgrade: Space-time continuum. Messenger: See? They could teach us so much--Vicki: What?? Beyond human intelligence? Dora: I think we've just become--obsolete. Last year's techtoy.



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