Messenger(Caption): Iris left her apartment. Everyone seemed frozen. But she watched a hummingbird's wings flap as slowly as a condor's. Iris: What's happened to me? What's happened to the world??Messenger (Caption): Iris watched a statue-still tennis player but saw a tennis ball drift like a small helium balloon caught ina  feeble wind. Iris: I took off those shoes...yet...still...

Messenger(Caption): Iris could see the street violnist's strings bibrating--but no music was heard. Iris: Everything so red--so still--so silent--please..I want to wake up. Let this end.Messenger (Caption): Yet a colony of bats, in flight--their ultrasonic sonar squeals sounded like cows lowing. Iris: I've been out for hours--and the sun hasn't moved! I've ...gone mad. Living a nightmare.



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