Messenger: Confession: I had you shadowed, Lorelei. Sinc eyou knew Burns years ago, Forethought could've talked you into helping. Lorelei: Y-you did? Lyons: Messenger soon realized his mistake. Lorelei: Why? Because I'm not smart?Messenger: No! But Forethought might have sent it to you for a safe temporary hiding place--that's all.  Messenger: Sure. It's too compl'cated for me t'keep it. Messenger: insult intended.

Messenger: cousin took Forethought's unusual shoes away...curious, she tried them on--found they readjusted to her foot size. Lorelei: Yeah, right. They think I'm dumb. Trap. Trap.Messenger: Only to find herself in a red-lit, almost unmoving world of statues--for the next thirty years. Lorelei: Huh?? Wait. Thirty years? Didn't you say...this was six months ago?



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