Lorelei: Wow...that's horrible! So why are you all so...interested..oh. Money? Lyons: Money.  Money beyond belief. *Sigh* Figures.  How, Daddy? Lytons: The ability to speed up--slow down--time sixty times?Lyons (Capt.): Imagine growing an entire season of crops...in under a week.  Although sunlamps would be needed at night--because to the plants, they'd be without sunlight for twelve weeks.

Lyons: Imagine an emergency room--where seconds count--to be able to turn secnds into minutes--minutes into hours? How many more lives would be saved?  Hospitals'd pay a fortune.Lyons: Or governments? Imagine...a two-year trip to Mars--in twelve days for the astronauts! Minimizing bone loss from weightlessness. Time is money? In this case--literally. Lorelei: Daddy? You're droolin'...



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