Rusty: Excuse me---are you all crazy?? This effect? Process? It ended up killing Messenger's cousin in six months-- Lorelei: Heyyyy...where'd Messenger go? Rusty: And this...'Forethought''s...locked up in an asylum?Rusty: Look, this is a really, really, really bad idea. Not kneejerk-afraid of 'artificial intelligences'...believe me, I'm not...but trusting this 'Upgrade'...given its record... Lorelei: Really. Where'd Messenger go?

Messenger: Relax, Lorelei. I was just changing. Lorelei: You drivin' a racecar?  Lyons: Nothing so slow. Crash suit in case of high-speed impact. Messenger: 'Highspeed'. Good codename. Rusty, I don't trust the Upgrade...Messenger/Highspeed: ...But as far as we know, the only person who could duplicate this acceleration...explain the Upgrade--is Forethought. Lyons, you can track me with the suit's built-in GPS.

Lyons: Right. Good luck--Wow. Lorelei: D-Daddy? Where'd he go? That blue flash--is he safe. Lyons: That customized crash suit cost a fortune. I hope so...but there's no guarentees, Lorelei.



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