Upgrade: You didn't tell them everyting. Highspeed: No. Upgrade: How your cousin eventually did leave notes for her ex-NSA colleagues...that she was the thief stealing Lyons' files. Highspeed: Tell Lyons? Bad idea.Highspeed: She was desperate. You wouldn't help her...Forethought was trapped, moving one-sixtieth normal speed--while she was stuck, moving sixty times faste! Alone in a world of red-lit statues.

Upgrade: Thirty miles to that asylum.  Going to run it? Highspeed: Thirty miles? No thanks. I'm footsore enough. And driving's so...slow.  Lyons' techs had an intersting idea. Inside my trunk...Messenger/Highspeed:Upgrade: A hang glider? Highspeed: Specially designed.  Plus a harness with a pedal-powered propeller.  Muscle-powered flight.  At normal speeds, it's just for minor maneuvering.  At my speeds, though-- Upgrade: Flight. Real flight.



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