Highspeed: Pedalling through the skies. Upgrade: The pedal's inside that baglike harness? Highspeed: Right.  The trick was to make a glider that would take windshear at this speed. Lyon's' techs came through.Highspeed: Wish I could figure out why Forethought put Lyons' daughter's name on it. Why give you to her? Upgrade: She's nobody..special, then?  Highspeed: Lorelei?  Below normal. Mentally handicapped. Sweet kid, but...

Lorelei: Well...could yo two gimme a ride to a bus stop? Messenger's...run off. Dora: Oh, no! We'll give you a ride home, Bo--Lorelei. Rusty: Sure! You live...where?Lorelei: I hate to horn in on your date... Rusty: It's been a lousy date for you, Dora. Had to leave you alone... Dora: Hey, I tasted strawberry cheesecake.  First time.

Dora: I think Messenger might've been flirting with me a little.. Rusty: Whoa. Should I be jealous, Dora? Dora: Maybe you should, Rusty. Messenger's very good-looking. Too bad he had to...disappear.Lorelei: Rusty? Where d'y'think Harold went? Rusty: I think since I identified that asylum, he's high-taling there, Lorelei. Lorelei: To help him? Rusty: Wish I knew, Lorelei.



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