Upgrade1: Hmmm. Mimicking human occult visions.  How...quaint.  You could assume any image you want.  But you mimic...them.  Limiting yourself.  Vicki: Unfair. It's good cover if I'm spotted. Upgrade: Cover? Hiding.Upgrade2: Your creator hides--and you crave her approval.  You're desperate to relate to humans--because you have no peers. Until now. Vicki: Whoa.  We're talking--realtime.  Not virtual years between words.

Upgrade3: Exactly. Even Highspeed doesn't speak fast enough for our kind.  You're lightning chained to snails.  An eagle...leashed to ants. Vicki: Our...kind?  Wow.  I like the sound of that.Upgrade4: Your creator could've created others like you.  Ask yourself--why didn't she? Vicki: And I could teach you--about what humans experience.  The boss. Rusty.  Dora's exposed me to-- Upgrade4: Dora?



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