Highspeed: Great! There's the asylum--but can't see any lights! If Forethought's dead-- Upgrade: One advantage of his decelerated state--only three or four days've elapsed--his time--since his capture. Highspeed: That's right--he's moving sixty times slower than normal. Upgrade: There's little chance of him starving or dying of thirst, even if no meals were left--we both need Forethought--alive.

Highspeed: There's a light on in that padded cell.  Maybe--just maybe-- there's also a small hole in the wall. Nor large enough for a man to fit through. Upgrade: Hurry.Highspeed: Cripes! It's Forethought-- asleep-- but some rats're there too! At one heartbeat per minute--one breath every two minutes--they'll gnaw his face off--before realizing--he's not dead!



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