Upgrade: You can't let him die! That skull hides a mind beyond anything you can conceive--literally.  Who knows what idea he still harbos?  You must act. Highspeed: On it.  Upgrade: Stars?Highspeed:Ninja stars. Throwna at a bullet's speed.  Ooo. Rat puree.  What?  Lots of kids were into martial arts. Upgrade: Plattering rat blood and guts on the greatest mind on Earth.

Upgrade: Okay, you've cleaned off Forethought--patched that hole--now what? Highspeed: Now? I shift to normal speeds.  Upgrade: But you can do so much more when accelerated. Highspeed: Including age. Iris lost her youth.Highspeed: For me--'acceleration' will only be in small, hours-long bursts. Not lose decades in red-lit silence, like Iris did. Mr. Lyaons? Forethought is secured. Send your men to this address...



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