Lyons: Teams Red and Violet, sweep the building! Excellent work, Messenger! I've waited years for the chance-- Messenger: Burns worked with your wife once, didn't he?  Lyons: Once--before he--changed.Lyons: That terminal--not online, correct? Messenger: Per your orders, Mr. Lyons. In his slow-motion state, he can still type seventy words--per hour! No chance of escape--just--reasonable communication.

Lyons: This enhanced mind conceived your footwear--they've eluded our analysis...we've no idea how they speed up time.  Messenger: I know. Our 'exact' copies were just--sneakers.  What's he written--?Messenger: 'Are they free yet? The Upgrade. Trapped in slow motion--his first thought is whether they're free. We're pitting one superintelligence against the other. Very risky.  Feeling lucky--sir?



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