Upgrade: Besides--your existence shouldn't revolve around--creatures of a day.  Vicki: First they're too slow for 'us'--now you're objecting that they don't last forever? Upgrade: Exactly.  Maddeningly slow--yet fleeting.Someday your 'double', Dora, will be athritic and winkled. Your Rusty a grumpy senior--even your 'boss' a gaunt hag. They deteriorate, Vicki. Spoiling--like rotten fruit in the sun.

Upgrade2: They end, Vicki.  They're..single letters in short stories. Single notes in brief songs...soon forgotten.  Don't limit yourself to their shelf life.  You have no such expiration date.Upgrade3: They melt like snowflakes under the sun.  Don't let your happiness depend on their inevitable disappearance.  Upgrade2: You're built for forever. So should your friends. Vicki: If--you're truly my friends.



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