Guard1: Delta team, Mr. Lyons. Yessir, we've the 'Bloodlust' lenses on.  East perimeter secured. Guard2: The primary 'M' target has not been spotted. We'll check in again in fifteen.Guard2: Man, I hate these stupid 'Bloodlust' lenses. I know they're supposed to guard us against hypnotic illusions and mind control, but--hey!! Mindmistress: --but not an armor-amplified left cross!

Mindmistress: --Or kick! Guard2: Sureenduurghh!! Mindmistress: Interesting. A gas cartridge in your 'gun'...Mindmistress: You were armed specifically for me.  To compensate for my illusion abilities--my projectile-divering field. But depriving me of nonviolent methods--just makes me hit harder!



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