Upgrade: The humans have nothing to offer you in the long run. Vicki?  Is something--wrong? Vicki: Oh. Oh! Ohhhh. No. It's very, very right. And proves you're wrong about humans.Rusty: Awake again? Dora: Yep. Just...looking at you. Rusty: Took off the headband. Dora: Vicki's gotten enough..uploaded. Rusty: After that many times, I do't think I could 'upload' any more.. Dora: Rest up.

Rusty: I...think I will. But..thanks. You're the best thing that ever happened to me...Vicki. Dora:What? What did you say? Rusty: ...That you're the best thing that ever...Rusty: What? What's wrong? Dora: I'm Dora. Not Vicki. I'm more than just Vicki's---flesh hand puppet. I'm myself. Rusty: But--I fell in love iwth Vicki. Dora: Too bad. For both of us.



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