Dora: So stupid. So stupid! Such a fool! I can touch him. She can't. He can hold me--not Vicki. Yet he loves her.  I'm her reflection--yearning within the mirror.

Lyons: It won't be long now. Be ready to shift into Highspeed at a moment's notice. Messenger: You sure she'll come sir? Surely she'll smell a trap. Lyons: But she won't abandon Forethought.

Vicki:Why did Forethought abandon you? Upgrade1: We were made to fathom the nature of time. Upgrade2: He isolated us from your space-time flow so we could observe--unaffected. Upgrade3: He knows we've surpassed him.Upgrade3: Now he's trapped in a state of time slowed sixtyfold...helpless, with no one to rescue him. Having rendered helpless the only mind that could rival us--who'll stop us?



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