Guard: Mr. Lyons!! She's here!! The 'M' target==attacked both of Delta Team--of us!  I just came to-- Lyons: Right. Messenger, you know what to do. Messenger/Highspeed: Right. Lyon's: I'll be watching.Lyons: Stick to the plan, Messenger! Guard--protect Dr. Burns from target 'M'.  He's especially vulnerable. Guard: Yessir, Mr. Lyons! Lyons: I'll be in the command van. Messenger: And I'd better get--moving.

Upgrade? Upgrade? No word from the Upgrade. Recording for Lyons' team.  Of course, they'll have to slow this down sixty times--my 'highspeed' body heat shifts to ultra-violet light...Highspeed (Caption): And the world becomes a deep, dim red. Bingo.  Mr. Lyons was right. Mindmistress used her illusions to look like a guard...illusions geared for unaccelerated eyes. Not mine.



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