Lyons: How's the telemetry on Highspeed's suit? Operator: The feed's excellent, sir. Lyons: And his speech? Operator: Once we replay it--slow it down sixty times--it's fine.  Listen. Lyons: Can't. That...tapping.Operator: It's just the rain hitting our mobile command center, sir. Anyway, the telemetry's important.  Even if Target 'M' captures or incapacitates Highspeed--we can still track him--and through him--her.

Operator: We've underestimated her too foten in the past.  Bloodlust. The Judge. We need to run her down to her hiding place--expose her secrets.  End this. Mindmistress: Finally. The rain.Lyons: Good. But don't worry about Highspeed. He can come up with a dozen plans ina blink of her eyes. Literally. Operator: I--hope so, Mr. Lyons. Mindmistress: Closer...closer...



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