Highspeed: Hah! She's lashing out too soon--hitting that window instead of me...I'm just a blur to her...the window's shattering...in slow-motion!Highspeed: The pieces are falling inward--slowly towards me. Floating like clouds--but sharp as knives! At this speed--my momentum--got to veer away--they'd cut me to ribbons.

Highspeed: Oh, no...the only angle to avoid the floating glass shards got me too close to her--that field repelled me--I'm floating out the shattered window. Temporary setbck, guys.Highspeed: This gives me more room to maneuver! If this was deliberate--she would have trapped--confined me--does she think I'm scared of the rain? Wait--another sign whipped out--

Highspeed: Uh oh. Acident? Her panicking? Misjudging? Scratch that. But--why??



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