Highspeed: *Ungghhh* When you replay this, guys--not my finest moment. Okay, finally at the end of my skid--but I'll be back in there before she can take a breath!Highspeed: Ow! Ow! Owww!!! What in the world?? It's like it's raining sledgehammers!  Oh. Six hundred miles per hour. When I run, I'm hitting raindrops travelling at six hundred per!

Highspeed: Aaaand she's--stripping?  Well, not really. But she is getting out of her armor. Which was her only protection against--me.  Guys, ask Lyons if he's sure she's brillian--Highspeed: --ianYaaaahhh!!! I don't believe this--I'm hydroplaning--on foot! At these speeds water's almost solid--like skipping stones across ponds. It yields--like runing on liquid mercury. Traction's slippery--almost nonexistent.



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