Highspeed: Let me out! Let me out!! I'm back to normal speed. Mindmistress: Patience, Messenger. First, you and Dr. Burns are going on a little trip.  Ahhh, here comes your ride...Robot: Mistress? Mindmistress: Escort the individual in this sphere-- and Dr. Burns--to home base.  Neither are to be harmed. The person in the sphere is to be kept secure. Robot: Understood.

Mindmistress: I'll be right behind yo--yahhh!! Guard: Now! Before she vanishes! Mindmsitress: T-typical. The o-only time I'm unprotected. Robot: Mistress! Mindmistress: Almost...made it...a-almost...Robot: Mistress? Should I stay? Mindmistress: G-go. You have your orders. It's..only a tranq shot. I'll be..be...just...go.  I'll be...royally screwed, actually. Me and my b-big plans...



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