Highspeed: Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! It's a good thing I have crash helmet on--ow! And knee and elbow pads--ow! Stop rolling me, already!Jotunheim!! Wow. It worked! The robot's frozen! Now--code Oddjohn Wainwright! Armor: Unsphere. Highspeed: Who's out there? Who's talking?

Highspeed: Lyons? Anybody?  CAn you hear me? Not good. I should be able to reach them anywhere on Earth! Where am I? Ohhh-kay.  The sphere's opening. Now I'll see--Highspeed: Dora?? How'd you get here? Wherever 'here' is... Dora:Where else could I go?  This is where I'm from.  I was 'born' here. Mr. Messenger?  Harold?  Do you...like...me?



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