Messenger: Sure. I like you. Rusty's a lucky man. Aaaannd...I can tell I said the wrong thing.  Dora: Do I seem...real? Dora: You're crying; imaginary people rarely sob.Dora: I once kenw nearly everything. I t was all...bloodless. Muted.  Now every breath is sweet...and I want to be treasured for myself.  Not an echo of somsone else.

Messenger: Well, you're real..and really confusing me now. Where are we, anyway? Dora: Mindmistress' home...her base of opeations. Messneger: And you was your home, too! Dora: Mindmistress' own private...dimension.Messenger: So...if this's Mindmistress' home...and she captured me--where's she? You know, I'm glad I'm moving at normal speed.  Things are moving too fast--even for me.



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