Messenger: Hey!! Distracted me just long enough to allow him to grab me! *Ungh* For an older guy, he's pretty strong... Dora: No! No! I didn't mean to-- Messenger: Yeah, sure!Messenger: *Ungh* He's so determined--even kicks and hits don't register quickly enough--to him! Get off!! Maybe a quick change of angle--?

Messenger: Still no good? He's hanging on like it's life or death--squeezing harder and harder...this better work--

Forethought: Finally!  It's been almost four days! Dora: Y-you're back?? Where's Messenger? And it's been-- Forethought: Six months for others, I know. The fellow wearing my shoes'll be back. Pocket reality. Nowhere to run.Dora: I'm-- Forethought: Vicki Lite, right? Dora: You--planned all this? Forethought: No. I got mousetrapped nicely. Dora: The Boss-- Forethought: --Is in extreme danger. Not just by Lyons--although that's bad enough. Dora: Eep.



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