Lyons: It's late. Burns and Messenger have disappeared.  But we have...her. No mistreatment of any kind.  Let her stew. Guard: Yes, sir! Lyons: Tomorrow morning I'll interrogate her--face-to-face.Guard (Caption): You didn't see her unmasked, sir? Lyons: Not yet. I took no chances. The mask they put on her keeps her silent--her other restraints keep her still.

Lyons (Caption): She's too tricky--fooled me too many times. Still no signal from Messenger? Guard (Caption): No, sir. Lyons (Caption): But we should be able to track that suit anywhere on Earth. So where--?Lyons (Caption): Between work, my party, and this, I'll need a little rest--I need to be alert. I want to be at the top of my game when I finally confront--her.



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