Upgrade: You will see things as we do, Vicki.  We're outside your space-time.  In one 'direction' we're blinded in the glare of the Big Bang.  Galaxies form, drifting like smoke rings.Upgrade: In the other 'direction' we see dying red cinders of stars. Beyond that, a future dominated by black holes, rapidly speeding further and further away...into endless dark.

Upgrade: Even the Earth humanity stands on--we watch it emerge from a primordial disc--only to watch it vaporize swallowed by the sun expanding into a red giant.Vicki: Oh-kay. That's how you view things?  What a downer. Hardly the best recruitment pitch. Upgrade: You misunderstand, Vicki.  Remember our timelessness. We wouldn't tell you all this--unless we knew you will accept joining our company.



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