So you're my mid-evening relief? Detective: Yep. Snooze on the cot in the next room. Guard: Haven't seen you before. I was an investigator for Messenger. Lyons ok'ed my help.Guard: Remember...she's not to be least till Lyons returns. Detective: Trust me...I won't lay a finger on her. Sweet dreams.

Messenger/Highspeed: Crazy place. Doors on one side--open on the opposite side. Forethought: Pocket dimension. Vicki-lite? Dora: Dora. Forethought: Do you recall Mindmistress' access codes from Vicki's memories? The catwalk? The armor? Dora: Sure.Forethought (Caption): Good. We'll need them. Detective: Smart lady, huh? Think your way out of this.



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