Vicki (Caption): do you see yourselves? Upgrade: Since we're one-dimensional spatially, we see ourselves as a series of parallel lines. We instead spread ourselves acorss time...achieving chronological complexity.Upgrade: Since we can move across time as easily as humans cross the street we tap into the Big Bang for power. Our 'neurons' and 'synapses' span billions of years, Vicki.

Upgrade: Though we can't voluntarily move spatially, we're 'anchored' to the 'backpack'...we keep with the Earth as it orbits the Sun...with the Sun moving through the galaxy.Upgrade: Soon, though, our lifelines intersect another one, coming at an angle. After that, our individual lifelines diverge delightfully wide. That's you, Vicki--as you will become. Vicki: Sorry. Not happening.

Upgrade: We knew you'd say that. We know a lot about those whose paths we cross. Like this private detective. His past. His future. His present. Vicki: Is that...the boss?



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